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It’s festival season! What are the best vibrators to take to festivals?

It’s festival season! What are the best vibrators to take to festivals?    I love a good festival: three days (or sometimes more) during which you can switch your phone off, drown yourself in cider, and focus every bit of your energy on having a lovely time. And if you, like me, refuse to let […]

Top tips for having sex while it’s snowing

There’s something about the idea of being snowed in that is quite sexy. You get the day off work (hopefully) because as soon as snow falls the entire UK transport network seizes up like an ancient boiler, then you can spend the whole day in bed with someone, shagging under the blankets until the snow […]

When it comes to vibrators, we’ve never had it so good…

Today we welcome back brilliant guest blogger Zak Jane Keir. She’s here to talk to you about vibrators, and why we’ve never had it so good… Aren’t vibrators beautiful, these days? OK, slightly startling conversation-opener, but it definitely has some powerful elements of truth to it. Quite a lot of modern sex toys are genuinely […]

Lock up your guns…and sex toys!

In America, owning a gun is almost more popular than owning a sex toy! Obviously one can do more damage than the other but in the hands of children, neither are a good idea! This viral video was the brainchild of Evolve, an organisation which promotes gun safety and the reduction of gun violence in […]

A plea to speak candidly (about willies and such)

The internet’s potential to work as an accelerant is well documented. Whether it’s the instant access to journalism and comment, the hothouse cultural effect of social media, or our own human instinct to cement beliefs by sharing them, the internet… speeds things up. It happens in manners both mundane – a funny picture on a […]

The A-Z of Sex, ‘R’

From romance to rimming, here is this week’s A-Z of Sex… Rope – One of many items that can be used for restraint (see below). There are all sorts of types of rope, made from different materials with different widths and uses. Shibari is an ancient and beautiful form of Japanese rope bondage. If you […]

Spree vs. Steal…the Sex Toys Edition!

Feeling the heat of the financial crisis? Don’t let your bedroom endeavors suffer in the penny pinching process! Here at Sex Toys HQ, we’ve reviewed four of our most popular toy categories and picked some goodies – for whether your feeling ultra luxurious or on a pleasurable budget, the choice is yours. Every bedroom needs […]

Get that fluttery feeling!

Take us up on our latest offer – 25% off of the gorgeous Silicone Butterfly. With an RRP of £24.95, you’re certainly getting your moneys worth. Let the internal beads swirl you into a frenzy as you experience new winds of pleasure with your cute new toy. Now only £18.99, this beautiful butterfly vibe has […]

Follow the white rabbit…

There’s a great reason to be EGG-cited this Easter at sextoys.co.uk! The Easter Bunny has visited, leaving us with an ACTUAL easter egg hunt on the site for you all to get involved with. If you can find all the eggs and enter them into the entry form (click the banner to be re-directed), you […]

Hopping for joy: Egg-citing Easter competitions for community members

In the lead up to Easter this year, we’ve been dishing out a whole host of great prizes to our community members with winners walking away with the likes of this jam-packed basket (see below) and tickets to the London Vitality Show which ran this weekend. Egg-citing stuff hey? It doesn’t stop there either! Later […]