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Stockholm’s 5 storey penis and other rude art from around the world

Sad news: this week a giant blue penis was removed from Stockholm. OK, so it’s not a real penis, rather its a mural that is being removed after residents complained. Apparently not everyone is happy having a five-storey phallus painted on a building near their house. It’s a shame, really – some of us would […]

A love letter to cock rings – and some top cock ring tips!

What links New York, Poundland and Elton John’s wedding? The answer is cock rings! This often-underrated sex toy hit the headlines a little this week, as a promotional survey from a US-based company announced the top sex toys by individual state. Dildos, it seems, were the most popular sex toy overall – and there’s no […]

​Bucket list sex toys: what’s on your list?

There are some sex toys that only last about five minutes on my wish list before either I or my partner buys them. Furry tail butt plugs, for instance, press his ‘hot’ buttons as well as mine, so it didn’t take long from ‘ooh that looks nice’ to a package arriving – discreetly wrapped – […]

What’s the ideal penis size?

Is big beautiful? Or is it better to be small and perfectly formed? I don’t really like talking about penis size – it’s a minefield. If you’re too small, no amount of consolation will persuade you that it’s fine (although it is – really it is). If you’re larger, no amount of chat can persuade […]

Dix Steele: Dirty in Digital

If you’re a lover of erotica, bondage and art, artist Dix Steele has a treat in store for you! This week, we explore the works of Dix Steele (aka Richard Luka) Minnesota born erotic artist and graduate of the University of Minnesota in 1976 with a BA in Fine Arts Studio. His works are a combination of Pop Art, illustration, […]

Comic Sex: Erotic Illustrations by Marion Fayolle

Sex and the naked body to some maybe even most, is still very much a private topic. Through her illustrated series of works, French Artist, Marion Fayolle seeks to challenge people’s perceptions through playful scenes of mix-ed up body parts, erotically recontextualized with odd inanimate objects. Fayolle’s collection of surreal erotic drawings in which bums hang off […]

The A-Z of Sex, ‘P’

Pegging – The act of a woman wearing a strap-on anally penetrating a man. Pussy – Slang term for vagina. Porn– Pornography is the depiction of sexually explicit themes. A wide variety of media is used to make porn, such as films, books, photos and more. Since the birth of the internet, porn is much […]

Does size matter?

In my private practice, I often see men who fear that their penis is small and therefore couldn’t possibly pleasure a woman. It breaks my heart every single time I hear this. Somehow, our society has come to believe that bigger is always better. And it’s not just penises either. We promote the idea that […]