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Autumn is here…

As Autumn starts to creep in with its demand for thicker jumpers and a coat when you step out the front door, it’s of no surprise that we’re already trading in picnics in the park with soup in our pyjamas. However we believe you can still have a HOT Indian Summer in your very own […]

My girlfriend wants me to stop masturbating

Dear Rebecca, My girlfriend and I have been together about 9 months now. We recently had a chat about masturbation and it turns out that she doesn’t think I should masturbate since we’re in a relationship. I could cut back a bit, but not sure I could stop altogether. What do you think? Thanks, Peter […]

How do I tell my partner I want to use a vibe during sex?

Dear Rebecca, My partner and I have only been together about 3 months and the sex is really great. The only thing is that I struggle to orgasm by penetration alone and would really like to use my vibrator on my clit during sex. How do I tell my partner this without him thinking something’s […]

A ‘tie & tease’ treat for both of you!

The traditional ‘tie and tease’ is a great way to try something new and extremely erotic with your partner. You don’t have to be into BDSM or any other particular kind of sex to enjoy it either. You can totally tailor it to suit you and your partner desires and interests. Very basically, a ‘tie […]

Sharing fantasies

Fantasies are a great way to explore new parts of your sexual self, to add some extra zing or just have fun in the bedroom. Fantasies can be as simple as ‘Having sex outside’ to something more extravagant like ‘I’m a pirate queen and you are my captured slave’. Some fantasies don’t require much preparation […]

Set your Sexual Intentions for this New Year!

How many times have you made New Year’s Resolutions and by the second week of January totally forgotten about them? If you’re like me you’ve done that a thousand times at least!  (Ok, maybe not a thousand times, but a heck of a lot!) What I prefer to do these days is set my ‘intentions […]