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Sex toy storage: what’s the best way to store your stash?

Where do you store your sex toys? And would you be embarrassed if someone else stumbled on your stash? I couldn’t help but giggle this morning when I read a story about a woman who ‘tidied’ her daughter’s dildo when she found it on her desk. The young woman – a uni student – had […]

5 sex toys that will double up as weapons in the apocalypse

  Doxy Die Cast It’s powerful and beautiful: in my opinion two of the most important things in any sex toy. If you’re a power-queen (or you know someone who is) then the Doxy Die Cast is pretty much a ‘must have’ item. Designed for clitoral stimulation, it can in fact be used anywhere you […]

All the places you’re not allowed to say ‘vagina’

What’s the most offensive word you can think of? Probably a C-bomb, right? But the ‘V’ word is getting a surprising amount of flak at the moment… We live in a weird world. If you live in America, it’s perhaps an even weirder world. This week a substitute teacher in Michigan was suspended for using the […]

Guy has sex with bush. And that’s not the weird part

I’m going to get a bit controversial this week (ooh!) with some in-depth analysis of human rights, and privacy, and sex. Basically, I am going to argue that you have the fundamental right to shag a plant in your back garden if you want to. I love writing these guest blogs every week. I sit down […]

Warning: this blog contains a man dressed as a giant penis

Some weeks I scour the internet for ages in search of weird sex news to bring you. Other weeks, like this one, the sexy internet Gods smile upon me and deliver a plethora of unusual stories and fun sex stuff. Here are the top three… Teenagers invent a condom that detects STIs (or not) Condoms […]

Give head for good health!

Oral sex is now proven to not only aid a healthy relationship, but also brings good health to women! According to a study at The State University of New York, the mood altering chemicals in semen make women feel happier. This revelation follows research, which shows that seminal fluid contains some miraculous chemicals, including – […]

Weekly round up

Here at Sex Toys UK we are always looking for ways to help our customers find exactly the right products for them. That’s why we’re bringing you a weekly round up of all the best from Sextoys.co.uk every week! Read all about our best offers and latest product features and enjoy an even better adult shopping […]

Join the Brand New Sextoys.co.uk Community!

Sex Toys is proud to launch its brand new Community and Forum area for our valued customers and members. This new area, integrated into our main shopping site Sextoys.co.uk, is a fantastic place to chat with like minded people about sex, sex toys, general gossip make new friends or connect with familiar faces. It’s easy to […]

‘Mile High Club’ Flights Grounded by ‘Prudes’

A 36 year old software engineer from Gloucester started the Mile High Flights company two years ago. This new take on ‘flying high’ gave couples the chance to indulge in some mid-air sex action whilst flying above the clouds for as little as £640. However after just two years, the health & safety chiefs at […]