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Post Porn: Finland releases gay bondage stamps

This Autumn, people across Finland will have reason to pause for thought when they lick the back of these new, homo-erotic stamps designed by artist, Tom of Finland. The images of leather-clad bikers and naked posteriors were tucked in among the unveiling of 33 new stamp designs by the Finnish postal service Itella, which although […]

Oh Lovely Law! Same sex marriage update

The first UK gay and lesbian wedding ceremonies are expected to take place by next summer. A bill supporting same-sex marriage in England and Wales has passed in Parliament. After the next step – royal assent – it is likely to officially become law later on this week. Backing the bill are the Conservatives, Labour […]

A small step forward

On Wednesday 26th, 2013 a historic action was finally taken by the Supreme Court of America. They overturned the Defence of Marriage Act or DOMA. DOMA, which was signed in to law on September 21, 1996 by President Bill Clinton, restricted federal marriage benefits to same-sex couples and allowed states that don’t allow same-sex marriage to […]

Hurray for Rhode Island and Delaware!

Back in November 2012 I reported that three states, Maryland, Maine and Minnesota, had just voted yes for same sex marriages. That brought the total number of states that allowed same sex marriages to nine. Considering there are 50 states, having only nine that allowed same sex marriages was pretty pathetic, although at least heading […]

The A-Z of Sex, ‘M’

Mouth – Your mouth is absolutely bursting full of erotic potential! There are energy channels that run from your mouth to your genitals. Stimulating your mouth, particularly your lips, therefore increases arousal in the body. Your mouth is fabulous for giving and receiving kisses, for licking, nibbling, tasting and of course, communication! Medical play – […]

Tokyo’s Disney resort hosts its first gay wedding

I’ve always thought of Disney as being extremely hetero-normative and ultra conservative, so I was thrilled to learn that the Tokyo Disney Resort held it’s first lesbian wedding a few days ago. Koyuki Higashi and her partner Horoko had their fairytale wedding with 30 friends and family and Mickey and Minnie mouse in attendance. The […]

Another move forward for gay rights

Hallelujah! On Tuesday 5th February the House of Commons voted in favour of ‘gay’ marriage. While gay and lesbian couples have long been able to have a civil partnership, they were still excluded from the privilege and rights of legal marriage. There were 400 votes for and 175 votes against the bill and not surprisingly, […]

A good day for LGBT rights in America

I’ve shied away from writing much here about the anti-gay marriage laws in America. Every time I’ve tried to write something, I just get too angry and nothing constructive comes out. However, today is different. Today three more states (Maryland, Maine and Minnesota) have voted yes for same sex marriages, the first ever lesbian senator, […]

‘Sex Toys Saved My Marriage’

Ex Playboy model Kendra Wilkinson has admitted to having changed her love life for the better…with sex toys! At sextoys.co.uk, we’re all for promoting healthy relationships and ways to stay connected to your sexuality, even when your partner’s away.”When my husband’s gone for a couple of days, I have to keep things alive down there, I’m […]