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Where are they hiding? The UK’s most selfish lovers revealed!

A new study carried out by VoucherCodesPro.co.uk shows that selfish lovers live in Manchester! The money saving website questioned 2,672 males and females across the UK, in response to an increase in sex toy purchases in Wales. Responses show that Mancunians are the third greediest bed time partners in the country, whereas respondents from Cardiff […]

Set some sexual goals for 2011

At this time of year, all talk is of New Year’s resolutions. Resolving to stop this, give up that. How about getting more of what you want? Many people have fantasies and desires that they have either never had the chance, or courage to fulfil. This year could be the year when you finally indulge […]

Paul Daniels: I’ve had 300 lovers

Magician Paul Daniels has claimed that he’s an international sex symbol who has been with hundreds of women. The 72-year-old, whose wife Debbie McGee is 21 years his junior, said women threw themselves at him when he was single. “I’ve had 300 lovers,” he bragged, although he added: “I didn’t necessarily make love to them […]