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Is it a sin to use sex toys? The history of sex toys and Christianity

One of the most interesting things about blogging for sex toy companies is you get to find out the sort of things people search for when they’re looking for information about their sex lives. I’m constantly fascinated by the questions people ask Google – and in my time I’ve tackled everything from ‘is it OK […]

Couples counselling: can it help with your sex life?

What exactly happens in couples counselling? And how can couples counselling help with your sex life? If you’ve ever been curious about it, I hope I can answer a few of your questions here, as well as give you some top tips that I learned from couples counselling myself. Consider this an FAQ with some […]

Vibrating love eggs: what are they, and how do you use them?

You might have noticed that we have a lot of wireless love eggs for sale here at Sex Toys. From super-fancy ones like the Lelo Lyla Remote Control Egg to more accessible bargains like this Vibrating G-spot egg. But why would you want to put an egg in your vagina? I’m here to explain the […]

Sex toy highlights from the last three years

Regular readers will know that I’ve been blogging here for SexToys.co.uk for nearly three years now. It’s been sexy, emotional, and incredibly fun. As I wave goodbye, here are some of my personal highlights. Remember the last day of school, when everyone wrote in each other’s notebooks about their best memories over the years? Well, […]

Lux’s Amateur Guide To Dirty Weekends

Everyone needs a break every now and then. A chance to get away from home, change is as good as a rest etc. It’s a shame that we’ve been predicted the wettest UK winter since records began (and oh my stars am I sick of that phrase. I don’t want to ever hear “since records […]

Have awesome sex on a low budget

Bad news, folks. Like, news so bad that when I read it I had to go for a lie-down and a short weep into my pillow. It turns out that UK couples are having less sex in 2014 than we did last year, partly because so many of us have financial worries. Ouch. It’s bad […]

Inflatable Love: Sextoys.co.uk Sex Doll Survey

Sex Dolls…also known as Love Dolls. Some love them, some hate them. Some secretly want to try one. To help us delve deeper into the world of inflatable love, we have put together this short survey and would appreciate your input. You’ll be rewarded for your efforts too! Please also share with friends so that […]

Sex – The Fountain of Youth?

The age-old sought after secret to staying young has finally been revealed…  British consultant clinical psychologist, Dr David Weeks, has shed much desired light on a topic… much desired! Recent studies have shown that regular sex can make both men and women look five to seven years younger! As reported in the Telegraph, bedroom fun […]

Spree vs. Steal…the Sex Toys Edition!

Feeling the heat of the financial crisis? Don’t let your bedroom endeavors suffer in the penny pinching process! Here at Sex Toys HQ, we’ve reviewed four of our most popular toy categories and picked some goodies – for whether your feeling ultra luxurious or on a pleasurable budget, the choice is yours. Every bedroom needs […]

Valentine’s Day Romance

As I’ve mentioned in a previous article, I’m not particularly bothered about Valentine’s Day. However, I do love any excuse to be romantic and Valentine’s Day is good enough reason for me. I read somewhere that the traditional Valentine’s Day card is now considered old fashioned. Really? Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I love a […]