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Is it a sin to use sex toys? The history of sex toys and Christianity

One of the most interesting things about blogging for sex toy companies is you get to find out the sort of things people search for when they’re looking for information about their sex lives. I’m constantly fascinated by the questions people ask Google – and in my time I’ve tackled everything from ‘is it OK […]

Sex toy highlights from the last three years

Regular readers will know that I’ve been blogging here for SexToys.co.uk for nearly three years now. It’s been sexy, emotional, and incredibly fun. As I wave goodbye, here are some of my personal highlights. Remember the last day of school, when everyone wrote in each other’s notebooks about their best memories over the years? Well, […]

4 reasons why you should subscribe to a sex blog

This week saw the release of the latest top 100 sex blogs list. So to salute the fabulous guys and girls who share their sexy stories and wisdom, we thought we’d give you a few reasons to go and subscribe to a new sex blog… I’m obviously biased when it comes to sex blogs, seeing […]

People who had a worse Christmas than you…

How was your Christmas? If you had a mediocre, or even a boring one, we’ve got a bit of Scaudenfreude and a hell of a great deal to cheer you up… Sometimes having a rubbish time can be mitigated if you know one or two other people had an even worse one. So in case your […]

All I want for Christmas is all the sex toys on this list

The ultimate Christmas gift list for someone who is quite a bit like me… Writing Christmas gift guides is probably one of the hardest blogging things to do. I know what I want, of course, but chances are you won’t be exactly like me. So what I’m going to do is give you a whistlestop tour […]

Stuck for a Halloween costume? We’ve got you covered (or uncovered)

It was a dark and stormy night. The wind whistled through the treetops like the clamouring of lost souls. From a crumbling cottage nestled somewhere on a dark hill, came a piercing, soul-shattering shriek… someone had forgotten to get a Halloween costume, and there was a party next weekend. Luckily for our hero, the story […]

Share the love for your favourite sex blogs

Whose words give you the sexy shivers? Which sex toy reviewers have helped you make up your mind on that special present? Now’s your chance to nominate your favourite sex bloggers… As you trudge to work on your daily commute, or sleep soundly at night, there’s an army of sex bloggers working out the best […]

Things I’ve learned from my vibrator mishaps…

Guest blog! The brilliant Zak Jane Keir is here to give you a run-down of some of her more hilarious vibrator mishaps. Read on to find out more, and why on Earth this post is illustrated with a picture of a pint… Sex toys are are fab, no doubt about that. The amount of pleasure […]

Three things I’ve learned from going to sex events

You walk in the door, not sure whether you’re over- or under-dressed, but when you get inside you realise it’s so fun you couldn’t care less… Welcome to the world of sex events (and a discount code we scored for one, just for you!). First thing’s first – if you’ve been tempted by past blog posts […]

Sex toy sale roundup – what could you buy with these smoking hot savings?

For a limited time, there’s a smoking hot 20% off everything at SexToys. What’s that in real terms? Well, let’s have a look at some of the best sex toys, and how much you can save if you bag them in the next couple of weeks… I am shameless about bargain hunting. I am one of […]