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Seeing RED This Christmas

Santa’s coming…are you? We’ve got something for everyone this Christmas and much like some theme their decorations at home for the festive period, we have done the same…with our favourite toys, all in Mr Claus’ favourite colour! There’s still time to pick up a gift before the ‘C’ word rolls around, so we’ve put together […]

To flavour or not to flavour: the lube debate

Flavoured or unflavoured? When you’re getting wet and sticky with someone do you go for the no-nonsense unflavoured lube, or something a bit fruitier? “Your dick smells funny.” “I… sorry. It’s mint.” “Mint?!” “Yeah.” “Have you just been sucked off by a Colgate salesman?” “It’s lube. It tingles.” As you can probably tell, I was […]

Lube Is To Sex, What Fireworks Are To November!

If there’s one thing that any sex toy retailer, expert or owner can tell you, it is that lube really is the key to taking normal sex to EXPLOSIVE sex! It allows more contact and less friction for effortless pleasure, and also (depending on the brand) can have natural benefits for the skin too. What’s […]

Why Do We Kiss?

We all love a good smooch right? We’re not talking the sloppy kind from Aunt Agnes, we mean the passionate kind! But why do we do it? Michael Stevens (the guy in this video) is the creator and host of Vsauce, an educational YouTube channel that addresses scientific oddities, like “Is Your Red the Same […]

Freshen up your bits on the go!

Ever found yourself out and about, perhaps travelling, camping or festival going, and opportunity arises to get up to no good but you’re not feeling at your freshest down there? Well those times are now a thing of the past with the Cheeky Wash and Cheeky Wash Wipes, now in stock at Sextoys.co.uk!   You […]