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Do you know when your partner is initiating sex?

I’ve never been very good at foreplay. At least, not the kind of foreplay that involves subtle touches and gradual escalation of intimacy, building to a natural moment when both of you go ‘let’s do it.’ I have a tendency to just get horny, tell someone I’m horny, then ask if they’re up for it. […]

Sext appeal: message like an adult

I recently spent a happy 3 hours on a train. This is a rare and – in my life so far, completely singular – occurrence. Train travel normally stinks, but in this instance I was lucky enough to be travelling first class, and was doubly lucky to be having a blistering whatsapp conversation with my […]

Special Offer: Chose your pleasure!

Fancy adding some extra fun into the bedroom? Tired of the same old routine? Perhaps you have a new lover and want to get to know them intimately? Then why not take FULL advantage of this fun, couple’s game while it’s on offer for under a tenner! Choose your pleasure with this innovative game, consisting […]

My Christmas Wishlist

“All I want for Christmas is you”… It’s all well and good saying that, but it’s not really the truth is it? If it was, no one of us would ever get any presents, we’d just be sat there in a sulk, present-less, with our partners watching the EastEnders Christmas special. The festive season is […]

Naughty chocolate treats in time for Easter

It’s almost Easter and that means a feast of chocolate indulgences! Chocolate contains ingredients that boost the naturally occurring ‘feel-good’ chemical (serotonin) in the brain. It’s true and proven, chocolate actually makes you happier!  We don’t know anyone who doesn’t like chocolate – so make sure you combine your foody and sexual lusts, courtesy of […]

The Parent Trap – Does it affect your sex life?

Children – do they mark the end of your sex life? Have you fallen into the ‘parent trap’? Many couples find that once they settle into the routine of parenthood, their sex lives experience an unfortunate, and dramatic, decline. This can be due to increased stress, less time to be intimate, interruptions from the child […]