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How to clean your sex toys: the easy sex toy cleaning guide

Cleaning your sex toys doesn’t have to be a pain – there are a few key things you need to know to keep your sex toys in good shape. Here’s our guide to sex toy cleaning, with key tips and advice as well as cleaning products you might want to try out. Cleaning sex toys: […]

Guy has sex with bush. And that’s not the weird part

I’m going to get a bit controversial this week (ooh!) with some in-depth analysis of human rights, and privacy, and sex. Basically, I am going to argue that you have the fundamental right to shag a plant in your back garden if you want to. I love writing these guest blogs every week. I sit down […]

The iPhone 6 Plus will kill your sex life

There’s a gigantic horny elephant in the room, and no one is mentioning it, so I thought I should be the one to  get on my soapbox and preach the Truth: the iPhone 6 Plus is bad for your sex life. Why? Allow me to explain. It’s Saturday morning. You’re a bit hungover. You’re in […]

Guys and Dolls

Sometimes your opinions on something are so complicated that it’s impossible to come to any kind of definite conclusion. Instead of falling on one side – or even just off the centre – of an argument you find yourself circling the middle of an issue, looping around it like a moth round a desk lamp. […]

Investing in your Orgasms

As we enter 2013, now’s the time to make some changes….for the better. Making positive amendments to your diet, health, life, job and relationships spurred on by the new year are all the norm with endless resolutions already set in place as the clock strikes 12, but after the dust settles and real life resumes […]

This Tuesday’s Offer is a Stroke of genius

If you’re already the happy owner of a Fleshlight, then it just got a serious upgrade! The Vstroker is a world first in masturbation, offering an extra sensory level to your self-pleasure by wirelessly transmitting to your movements to a PC in return for content that reflects the action in real time! Once attached to […]

An offer that’s PURE delight

Heard about how amazing Fleshlights are and want to finally take the plunge? Well now is the time, for only £40.00 (RRP £66.99) you can experience the sensational feeling that only a Fleshlight (or a real woman) can give! Experience all the subtleties of the Pure’s patented SuperSkin masturbation sleeve with specially designed inner canal texture, […]

Kiss this! Fantastic Fleshlight offer

Get the girl next door into your bedroom with the Fleshlight Girls Stoya Swallow! Although she’s retailed at £75.99, she can be yours right now for a flashy £40! Stoya is the alternative, punk, goth girl next door, and this wonderful Fleshlight simulates her delicious lips and gives endless pleasure when you thrust yourself through them. Fantastically […]

Digital Love – Fleshlight Vstroker Exclusive

We have been in suspense for the past week at HQ knowing that we had an Exclusive ready to release! Well today is the day and we are proud to announce the Fleshlight Vstroker has arrived! Allow me to introduce the Vstroker. A world first in masturbation offering an extra sensory level to your self-pleasure […]