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Guys and Dolls

Sometimes your opinions on something are so complicated that it’s impossible to come to any kind of definite conclusion. Instead of falling on one side – or even just off the centre – of an argument you find yourself circling the middle of an issue, looping around it like a moth round a desk lamp. […]

WIN! Fetish Fantasy Bundle Giveaway

Get your feisty paws on this fab bundle of Fetish Fantasy Series kit straight from the land of Pipedream Products! We’re giving away this amazing swag to a lucky sextoys.co.uk blog reader. How do I enter? Simply comment below with what it is that gets you going. Be it silky bed sheets or a sensual […]

My life long penetration fantasy

Dear Rebecca, I have a life long fantasy of being penetrated by a woman with a strap on. I have used anal toys on myself, but never had the pleasure of being entered by someone else. My girlfriend and I have only been going out for 3 months and I’d really like to bring it […]

The A-Z of Sex, ‘F’ Part 1

This week brings us to the letter F. It is a fabulous letter with lots of sexual possibilities. So many in fact, that this will be a two parter. Part 2 will be published next week. Flogger – A flogger is a tool used to create impact on the body. It usually has a handle […]

I want to watch my girlfriend have sex with another man

Dear Rebecca, I have a recurring fantasy of watching my girlfriend have sex with another man. In fact, it’s a fantasy I’ve had for years but never had the courage to tell anyone. I’d really like to tell my current girlfriend, but am afraid of what she might think. What should I do? Thanks, Jim […]

Stop worrying about what everyone else is getting up to

I often get emails from people who feel their sex life isn’t up to scratch because it isn’t like the porn they watch, or the latest celebrity sex scandal. They seem to have the idea that if they’re not regularly swinging from the chandeliers or taking it up the bum then they must be doing […]