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Premature ejaculation: coming too early?

This week I’m diving straight in to an issue close to my heart: premature ejaculation. I’ve spotted a few news articles doing the rounds about potential ways to treat premature ejaculation, so what better opportunity than to give an overview of what it is, how it can affect people, and what you can do to […]

How long is your average shag?

Are you a fan of the quickie, or do you want to take your time over it? You might be surprised by the length of the average shag… Colour me shocked: I found out this week that the average shag lasts just six minutes. Not, I hasten to add, by my own research. If you […]

Squirting – something interesting is going on

In case you missed the recent headlines, a rather controversial study has been published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, which claims that female ejaculate is actually just urine. The sex blogging community has been up in arms over the claims, and we can totally see why. Female ejaculation – also known as ‘squirting’ – […]

The A-Z of Sex, ‘F’ Part 2

There were so many ‘F’ related sexy words that I had to do it in two parts. You can read the first part here. Here is the second part for you: Female ejaculation – Female ejaculation, sometimes known by its slang term of squirting, is when a woman’s body releases fluid during or after sexual […]

The A-Z of Sex, ‘E’

Here we are at week 5 of my A-Z of Sex, which brings us to the letter E… Ejaculation – Ejaculation is the expulsion or discharge of fluid from the body. The fluid that men ejaculate contains semen, as well as important enzymes, fructose and lipids. Ejaculation often occurs at the same time as orgasm, […]