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Unusual Valentine’s Day date ideas

Before I put off every single person who’s reading this blog, let me tell you that Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples. Even those who are annoyed by the relentless relationship roulette (try saying that ten times quickly) can make the most of deals, offers, and fun events surrounding Valentine’s Day – not to mention […]

The A-Z of Sex, ‘I’

Icicles glass dildos – This is an amazing range of dildos! Made of super smooth glass, they come in different shapes and sizes so you can find just the right one (or more!) to tickle your fancy. My personal favourite is the Flower Curve G-Spot dildo. It’s beautiful, sturdy, deliciously smooth and oh so pleasurable! […]

How do I talk about safe sex?

Dear Rebecca, My 30 year marriage ended recently and I’m slowly starting to date again. My husband and I were each other’s ‘first and only’ so we always had unprotected sex. Now that there is the possibility of sleeping with someone new, I’m not sure how to have the ‘safe sex’ conversation. Can you offer […]

Should I tell my new girlfriend I’m a crossdresser?

Dear Rebecca, I’ve been seeing a new woman for about 4 months and things are going really well. The only thing is that I have a secret that I’m really afraid to tell her.  The secret is that I’ve been a cross dresser for about 10 years. My marriage broke down 7 years ago and […]

Getting your sexual confidence back

Sexual confidence is a funny thing. Some people have it naturally, others learn it and others struggle to find it at all. Some people appear to have an abundance of sexual confidence, but are really just covering up fear and anxiety. A friend of mine introduced me to the lead singer of a popular band. […]

Facebook & Twitter: The UK’s favourite websites

It’s good to talk – and this has been proven once again with Experian Hitwise’s latest report which reveals that social networking sites Facebook and Twitter are the UK’s favourite internet destinations. Last month, Facebook announced it had registered 30 million new users in the UK alone, that’s half the population! Due to many links […]