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Between the sheets…in the heat!

For a large amount of us here in the UK it’s been a scorcher the past couple of days and it’s set to be a blinding weekend too! In preperation for the mini-heat wave that the met office are promising us (fingers crossed), here’s a selection of products which will keep the flame of passion […]

Put it on Ice: Top products for Summer heat

As we all know, the weather across England has been lovely….lovely and HOT! For those of you that feel a bit sluggish in the heat and can think of nothing worse than getting close and kinky with a lover or loved one, we’ve got some serious game-changers to help turn sweaty into sexy! Touche Ice […]

Cool down and shimmer for Summer – Tuesday Offer

I am so pleased to be able to run a special offer on a stunning product such as this at more than half price off!! I am a personal fan of glass dildos not only for the feeling of cool glass against my skin but also the aesthetics of them. Stunning colours, shimmers and metallics. […]

Temperature play provides hot passion and thrilling chills

Temperature play is a fantastic way to introduce some new sensations in the bedroom that will be welcome year round! Try heat between the sheets in colder winter months and cool down with some refreshing chills on balmy summer evenings. But how can you experience these sensations and what do we suggest you use? Hot […]