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Cabbages and Condoms

How cool is this? A restaurant is giving out contraceptive advice! After huge success in Thailand, Cabbages and Condoms has opened a branch in Bicester, near Oxford. The restaurant is the latest offering from Thailand’s Population and Community Development Association (PDA). The PDA began by educating members of local communities about family planning and sexual […]

Birth control for men!?

Scientists in America have used a pill developed to block a cancer-causing gene to alter sperm production – offering the possibility for future development of an oral male contraceptive pill! The ingredient compound, JQ1 gets into the blood-testis boundary to disrupt spermatogenesis – the process which makes sperm progress into mature sperm. This process results […]

Ultrasound contraception for men on the way?

It was recently reported that a male pill was going on trial and now another form of contraception for guys is being examined. Scientists in the US believe that blasts of ultrasound could be used to halt sperm production for a temporary period. A team from the University of North Carolina have been carrying out […]

Older women warned over contraception

Experts are warning older women not to ditch contraception in the belief that they are unlikely to get pregnant. The Family Planning Association said that while it’s true fertility declines after women hit 35, the message about pregnancy and age has gone “too far”. It pointed out that women can and do still conceive well […]