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Dry January, Veganuary, Januhairy: what impact do these have on your sex life?

New year, new you? We’re over that in 2019. The idea that you need to remake your whole body or personality when the new year rolls round is a bit dystopian. But with initiatives like Veganuary or Dry January on the rise, many people are using this month to try and make smaller lifestyle changes […]

You are beautiful just as you are

One of the things that most affects our sex lives is how we feel about ourselves. When we feel confident, worthy and loveable it is easier for us to be open, make connections and share our sexual selves with others. When we feel we are not enough, not attractive enough or thin enough or rich […]

Getting your sexual confidence back

Sexual confidence is a funny thing. Some people have it naturally, others learn it and others struggle to find it at all. Some people appear to have an abundance of sexual confidence, but are really just covering up fear and anxiety. A friend of mine introduced me to the lead singer of a popular band. […]

A Confident Woman Is What We Want

Confidence is a key issue when it comes to sex there’s no doubt about that. There are couples who can’t have sex with one another without having the lights off, or at least dimmed – while there are others who happily get stuck into one another over dinner or in the garden. From a male […]

Women: Be assertive and get what you want in bed!

Apparently, the modern woman is confident, sassy, full of determination and attitude. Sound like you? Me neither! If you are more on the timid side than predatory lioness, it may be difficult to instigate sex in the bedroom or to make sure you’re really getting fulfilled in the ways you want and deserve. Speaking out can be […]