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The hunt for the pink pearl

OK, you guys really annoy me sometimes. Not all of you, of course, but still a significant number. Why? Well, 40 years on from the era of Women’s Liberation it seems that a huge number of you still don’t know the first thing about your lady’s vagina. Oh, you think you know what it’s there […]

The A-Z of sex ‘C’

Week 3 of the ‘A-Z of Sex’ brings us to the letter ‘C’. Can you think of any more to add to the list? Clitoris – Ah, the mysterious clitoris! Just possibly the most important part of a woman’s body since its sole purpose is pleasure! While the penis has 4000 sensory nerve endings, the […]

Meet Mitzi..every girl’s new best friend!

Move over Rabbit, Mitzi is taking over…. Changing the way women view vibrators, this cute little vibe from the Loving Joy range has been designed to focus purely on the clitoris to deliver toe curling orgasms worldwide. Perfect for women who perhaps own a classic rabbit vibrator but want more vibration and power from the […]

Finding it hard to orgasm? Which type of orgasm would you like?

It is a well known fact that a lot of women find it difficult to achieve orgasm, in fact research suggests that as much as 10% of all women of sexual maturity age have never had an orgasm. Orgasms feel great! Everyone is entitled to them, the more regularly the better in our opinion! They […]