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Freshen up your bits on the go!

Ever found yourself out and about, perhaps travelling, camping or festival going, and opportunity arises to get up to no good but you’re not feeling at your freshest down there? Well those times are now a thing of the past with the Cheeky Wash and Cheeky Wash Wipes, now in stock at Sextoys.co.uk!   You […]

Fabulous festival sex

It’s that time of year when hordes of hopeful campers head out to all sorts of festivals, hoping for dry weather, good music and a chance for a bit of outdoor nookie. Personally, I love getting sexy outdoors so have made a list of things to be aware of to make sure your outside escapades […]

Spring clean your sex life

This is the perfect time of year to have a good spring clean, not just of your home, but also of your whole sex life. It feels great to have a good, deep clear out at home. Pull the furniture out, clear the cobwebs away, throw out old clothes and things you don’t use anymore. […]

Soaps asked to come clean on sex scenes

For some it’s watching our favourite characters getting down and dirty in the bedroom that makes soap operas exciting, but now TV bosses have been asked to clean up their act when it comes to soapy sex scenes. According to the People, government ministers have urged British TV bosses to monitor their sexual storylines and […]