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A romantic, sexy Valentine’s Day treat – for one!

Valentine’s Day is typically a day for lovers to declare their love for one another and offer each other chocolates, flowers and other such gifts. That’s all really lovely, but what if you are single? Or your partner isn’t interested in Valentine’s Day? True love has to start with the self so why not take […]

Friday’s Offer: Express your love through touch

You’ve been working hard, focusing on everyone else but you, it’s left you feeling tired and aching. What better than a sensual massage from the one you love? Or perhaps you’ve noticed that your partner could do with winding down and being pampered? Whatever your situation, one thing we can guarantee is that Romantic Massage […]

Fancy a naughty weekend?

The weather’s not great, money is tight and the pubs are full of football fans, just three great reasons for you to stay in, close the curtains and whip out the Lover’s Choice Naughty Weekender Kit! The only thing better than a full blown orgasm after hours of teasing play is one that’s half price! […]

Temperature play provides hot passion and thrilling chills

Temperature play is a fantastic way to introduce some new sensations in the bedroom that will be welcome year round! Try heat between the sheets in colder winter months and cool down with some refreshing chills on balmy summer evenings. But how can you experience these sensations and what do we suggest you use? Hot […]