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Anal sex toys: we’ve come a long way since these Victorian butt plugs

Question: would you buy a ‘recto-rotor’? Sold as a device to help alleviate – among other things – constipation and prostate trouble, this remarkably-butt-plug-shaped device was advertised in magazines and newspapers back in the early 1920s, next to proud claims that they could provide certain health benefits. Here’s what it looked like: would you fancy […]

Which Sex Toys Should You Take On A Sexy Holiday?

Recently, the fabulous company Desire Cruises got in touch with us to tell us about their latest cruise – one where the main entertainment is – you guessed it – sex! Obviously it is right up my alley, and I am currently trying to persuade my other half that we definitely need to attend. It’s […]

Three unique anal sex toys you may not have tried yet

Anal sex toys are one of my favourite things to collect. Not only is it handy to have a variety of different sizes and shapes of butt plug (because everyone’s butt-related tolerance is different), but also because if guys are a little nervous or unsure about anal play, sometimes just showing them a rainbow of […]

The A-Z of Sex, ‘G’

Glass – Mmmm, glass dildos and butt plugs – yum! Being made of glass makes these sex toys super smooth. With only a little bit of lube they slide right in for all kinds of pleasure! Run them under hot or cold water for added sensations. If you haven’t tried a glass dildo or glass […]

Offer: Make the most of the triple dip!

A pleasant change to the government fucking you, this 3-piece anal suit will have you forgetting about the recession in no time! Start off small with these jelly butt plugs from Loving Joy and work your way up to a pro in no time! Firm yet flexible, the three sizes will ensure you have the […]

Digital Love – Fleshlight Vstroker Exclusive

We have been in suspense for the past week at HQ knowing that we had an Exclusive ready to release! Well today is the day and we are proud to announce the Fleshlight Vstroker has arrived! Allow me to introduce the Vstroker. A world first in masturbation offering an extra sensory level to your self-pleasure […]