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Best of British

With today being St George’s Day, we were inspired to offer you the very best prices for the Best of British brands that we stock! With selected products from British-based brands in the offer including: Rocks Off, Doxy, Loving Joy, Pulse, Give Lube, The Cone, Pasante Condoms, and ElectraStim you can feel patriotic as well as pleasured… This top sex toys offer […]

Secret History: The World’s Porn Habits

You can probably tell a lot about someone from the porn they watch. I say probably, because it’s a hard theory to test. We classify people based on some pretty arbitrary characteristics – your star sign is one – but since porn is taboo, it’s difficult to discuss it in a public forum. You couldn’t plot a horoscope […]

Sex tips from the British Lung Foundation

Enjoy sex but suffer with breathing difficulties? Then you might be interested in the advice being offered by the British Lung Foundation. The charity has created a new leaflet offering support to people who experience breathing problems to help them make the most of their sex lives. It points out that lung disease sufferers may […]

British men ‘last longer in bed’

European men may win on romance, but when it comes to getting down and dirty beneath the sheets, it is British blokes who emerge victorious. According to new research carried out by Utrecht University, UK males last longer in bed than many of their continental counterparts. The average British man can have penetrative sex for […]