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Do you know when your partner is initiating sex?

I’ve never been very good at foreplay. At least, not the kind of foreplay that involves subtle touches and gradual escalation of intimacy, building to a natural moment when both of you go ‘let’s do it.’ I have a tendency to just get horny, tell someone I’m horny, then ask if they’re up for it. […]

​Does sex help improve your memory? And give you other superpowers?

This week, Broadly reported on a study that said it had found evidence that sex helps improve women’s memories. The more sex you have, apparently, the better you are at recalling abstract words. Is it true? My own experience would seem to suggest otherwise: I’ve had a hell of a lot of sex, but still […]

What’s the ideal penis size?

Is big beautiful? Or is it better to be small and perfectly formed? I don’t really like talking about penis size – it’s a minefield. If you’re too small, no amount of consolation will persuade you that it’s fine (although it is – really it is). If you’re larger, no amount of chat can persuade […]

10 things you need in your bedroom now it’s summer

Yep, we’re calling it: it’s officially summer. So here are 10 essential items to keep in your bedroom to help you stay cool – even while you’re getting hot and steamy. Summer sex is like Marmite: some people love it, other people want nothing to do with it. Summer sex makes you sweatier than Santa Claus […]

Masturbation is good for you (and the Pope’s a Catholic)

In case you didn’t know, May is officially ‘masturbation month’. Here’s the lowdown on why wanking is good for you Masturbation month rolls around again, and it’s as good an excuse as any to buy yourself a brand new sex toy and celebrate all the ways in which masturbation is good for you. Masturbation is good […]

A winning combo: best sex toys to use together

Some things just go perfectly together – like Ant and Dec or Torville and Dean. The same’s true of sex toys – here are some of my favourite sex toy combos… Sometimes you just want a quickie, and you might have a go-to favourite sex toy that you know will get you there quickly. Other times […]

Which are the best rooms in the house to have sex in?

Sometimes you simply can’t wait to get to the bedroom before you tear each other’s clothes off. That’s why I’m unsurprised by the results of this sex survey. But are there stranger places to have sex…? I had to laugh at this sex survey news story: “A recent survey designed to discover what we get […]

Top sex toys for your inner geek

We’re VERY excited to have sex toy reviewer Emmeline Peaches joining us today – she’s here to give you a run-down on the best sex toys to satisfy your inner geek… Okay, we can all relax now guys. Being a geek is officially sexy and has been for some years now. I remember a time […]

People who had a worse Christmas than you…

How was your Christmas? If you had a mediocre, or even a boring one, we’ve got a bit of Scaudenfreude and a hell of a great deal to cheer you up… Sometimes having a rubbish time can be mitigated if you know one or two other people had an even worse one. So in case your […]

The year 2015 in sex toy reviews

It’s so nearly Christmas. If we weren’t having unseasonably mild weather (read: rain) then you’d almost be able to smell the snow. So I thought it would be fun to give you a bit of last-minute gift inspiration via some of the great reviews of SexToys products in 2015. Super-hung heroes: The Hammer (via EmmelinePeaches) If […]