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Young women ‘should keep the morning after pill at home’

The government’s public health body has recommended that teenage girls and young women be encouraged to keep supplies of the morning after pill at home. The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (Nice) said making emergency contraception easier to access will reduce unwanted pregnancies. It suggested that the drugs be provided in advance to […]

Businessman finds relief after three-week erection

A businessman from India was forced to visit his doctor after suffering a prolonged erection that lasted a staggering 21 days. The 55-year-old had to have an emergency operation to relieve him of his condition, which was not, incidentally, caused by an overdose of Viagra. His state of arousal was apparently triggered by a nervous […]

New morning after pill developed

A new morning after pill that works up to five days after unprotected sex has been developed by scientists. The drug is potentially more effective than current pills available to women over the counter, which have a time limit of 72 hours. Studies show that EllaOne prevents up to two-thirds of unwanted pregnancies if used […]

Man arrested after calling 911 for sex

A man from Florida in the US was so desperate for sex that he called 911 to request some over-the-phone nookie. Joshua Basso claimed he had run out of credit on his mobile phone so could not call his usual premium-rate numbers. Realising that he could call 911 for free, the 29-year-old proceeded to dial, […]