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Svakom is a luxurious, innovative brand of adult products established in 2006 and designed in the United States. Svakom uses 100% environmentally friendly materials and rechargeable technology to create high quality, designer vibrators, rabbits, cock rings and wands. The world’s first vibrator equipped with a camera, Siime, was invented by Svakom to allow you to get up close and personal with pleasure. Most Svakom vibrators feature the “SVAKOM Intelligent Mode” setting that simulates the sensations of lovemaking from foreplay till climax further aiding women in self-exploration and pleasure. The Svakom brand also offers wands and vibrators with a Heating Function that warms up the product to body temperature making the experience more pleasant and realistic. So, have a look at the full Svakom range below and treat yourself to a premium quality, designer intimate product from the UK’s leading online sex toy shop!


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  • Svakom Echo Clitoral Stimulator SALE

    Svakom Echo Clitoral Stimulator

    Regular Price: £44.95

    SALE PRICE: £35.00

  • svakom-siime-eye-camera-vibrator-4

    Svakom Siime Eye Camera Vibrator

  • svakom-luna-selene-remote-control-bullet-3 SALE

    Svakom Luna & Selene Remote Control Bullet

    Regular Price: £99.95

    SALE PRICE: £50.00

  • svakom-amy-g-spot-vibrator-5

    Svakom Amy G Spot Vibrator

  • svakom-alice-g-spot-rabbit-vibrator-6

    Svakom Alice G Spot Rabbit Vibrator

  • svakom-lester-vibrator-warming-rabbit-vibe-1 SALE

    Svakom Lester Vibrator Warming Rabbit Vibe

    Regular Price: £119.95

    SALE PRICE: £89.99

  • svakom-rebecca-clitoral-vibrator-1 SALE

    Svakom Rebecca Clitoral Vibrator

    Regular Price: £39.95

    SALE PRICE: £30.00

  • svakom-siime-camera-vibrator-5 SALE

    Svakom Siime Camera Vibrator

    Regular Price: £99.95

    SALE PRICE: £75.00

  • svakom-nova-exercise-kegal-balls-5

    Svakom Nova Exercise Kegal Balls

  • svakom-leslie-vibrator-warming-vibe-1 SALE

    Svakom Leslie Vibrator Warming Vibe

    Regular Price: £99.95

    SALE PRICE: £64.99

  • svakom-betty-silicone-vibe-1 SALE

    Svakom Betty Silicone Vibe

    Regular Price: £69.95

    SALE PRICE: £44.99

  • svakom-emma-heating-magic-wand-1 SALE

    Svakom Emma Heating Magic Wand

    Regular Price: £84.95

    SALE PRICE: £65.00

  • svakom-keri-clitoral-stimulator-2

    Svakom Keri Clitoral Stimulator

  • svakom-trysta-targeted-rolling-g-spot-rabbit-vibrator-6

    Svakom Trysta Targeted Rolling G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator

  • svakom-adonis-ribbed-warming-rabbit-vibrator-6

    Svakom Adonis Ribbed Warming Rabbit Vibrator

  • svakom-emma-mini-100-waterproof-wand-massager-vibe-1

    Svakom Emma Mini 100% Waterproof Wand Massager Vibe


  • svakom-primo-remote-control-warming-butt-plug-7

    Svakom Primo Remote Control Warming Butt Plug


  • svakom-elva-remote-control-vibrating-bullet-6

    Svakom Elva Remote Control Vibrating Bullet


18 Item(s)

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