Hear it. Feel it. LOVE it.

Picture this…you’re out at your favourite club, the music is thumping, you’re there alone, free and single and a man has caught your eye across the dancefloor. He makes his way over to you, moving in time with the music, you both move closer and all the while the Club Vibe nestled in your underwear is pulsing in time to the music. With every note, vibrations make their way from your, now wet, underwear across your body as the mystery man moves in close to make physical contact. Moving close and in time with the music together, your mind starts to race with even racier thoughts……

What happens next is completely down to you!

The Oh Mi Bod Club Vibe is a discreet, little bullet vibe which sits in your favourite undies and reacts to the sound around it.

Whether you want to get off at the nightclub, to your ipod on the go or in your bedroom, the Club Vibe is a great bit of kit with endless orgasm inducing possibilities.

Simply slip into the comfortable thong with lace trim and slide the bullet inside whilst clipping the controller on your waist. Now choose your vibrating mode.

Three modes include:

Ambient – Vibrates to the sounds around you. Whether it be music or your lovers voice, your orgasms will be tuned in to your surroundings to take you to another level.

Music – Vibrates to the beat of your ipod, iphone or mp3player.

Manual – Choose from 7 vibration patterns and control them using the control pad.

This week, we are offering this amazing product to you for only £30.00 (RRP 69.99). So take full advantage of getting your rocks of anywhere and everywhere for less with sextoys.co.uk!


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