Friday Offer: Positively Powerful Penguitronic!

This week, set aside just £25.00 to blow your mind!

The Eclipse Ultra 7 Penguitronic rabbit vibrator is a rabbit style vibrator with some amazing features, one being that it oscillates and bores deeper as it rotates! The shaft has six rows of six steel balls that spin at different speeds and the penguin clitoral stimulator packs a powerful punch with the mighty ‘Ultra 7’ high tech contro, delivering 3 vibration speeds, 3 pulsating speeds and an escalation mode.

Manufactured to the highest possible standards, beautifully put together and powered by the ‘Quadra-Power’ battery loader, just simply pull out the battery holder, replace the batteries and pop it back in. No disruption to your flow!

Try it to believe it, one customer had this to say of the Eclipse Ultra 7:

WOW! As soon as it was delivered I rushed upstairs to try it out, and it blew me clean through the roof!

Do you need any more persuading?!

(RRP £39.99)

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