Fifty Shades of Play

Following the huge success of the erotic novel, Fifty Shades of Grey, here’s your chance to live out the action from your favourite book in your very own bedroom or dungeon!

Introducing the aptly named “Fifty Shades of Play” encompassing all of the kinky items used in the book, allowing you to scratch that curious itch without even hitting the shops!

The pack includes:

A pair of Love Balls – Also known as “Silver Balls” in the novel. Carefully crafted, they have a firm, solid feel when inside you. As you rock to and fro, you will experience delicious rumbling sensations.

A Blindfold – Decide who will be  Anastasia and who will be Christian. It’s a game of domination vs submission!

A Paddle – Just like the spanking scenes in the novel, use this double sided paddle; one side fur-lined, the other leather bound to teach them a lesson!

Bondage Tape – Highly versitile, this tape bonds, gags, blindfolds, and ties using its unique self-clinging properties (similar to cling film), allowing the tape to be secured directly to the skin and then removed cleanly. Christian would approve!

The perfect kink-kit for you and your lover to act out all your favourite scenes and can be purchased as a pack for the offer price of just £25.00 (RRP £58.80).

Consider it our pleasure to be able to expand your deepest fantasies or perhaps add a new facet to your bedroom play!

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