An offer that’s PURE delight

Heard about how amazing Fleshlights are and want to finally take the plunge? Well now is the time, for only £40.00 (RRP £66.99) you can experience the sensational feeling that only a Fleshlight (or a real woman) can give!

Experience all the subtleties of the Pure’s patented SuperSkin masturbation sleeve with specially designed inner canal texture, to give you a distinctive and heightened masturbation experience that you can rediscover time and again. The gentle curves of the orifice leads you to the action quicker than ever before and the internal textures and ridges feel simply amazing as you slide in and out, at whatever speed you wish.

Held within a torchlike screw top case for ease of use and for discreet storage, it’s the perfect gift to keep him entertained while you’re otherwise engaged!


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