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At Sex Toys UK we are very proud of our community and extended online social networking circles. We like to be surrounded by knowledgable, inspiring, forward-thinking individuals (and partnerships!) who really do us justice as a retailer and brand as well as themselves in the industry.

We are aware that reviewing toys for the masses on the internet is fast becoming popular, with a lot of people setting up their own dedicated pages or groups. With this in mind, we like to show our support for those who have given so much of their time and talent to us in the form of brand and product promotion, while also supporting their own outstanding skills.

We first forged our relationship with Sex Toys Buzz a few years back and knew then that they were destined for big things. Their review work was detailed enough to entice you to want to know more about a product but also concise enough to answer any queries, allowing for a really informed purchase. A retailer’s dream. Since then, they continue to produce high quality reviews across every adult genre and provide up-to-date reviews of the very latest adult products on the market. Nowadays, Sex Toys Buzz are recognised as an authoritative voice by consumers and buyers within the sex toy industry, winning awards for their work to boot!

However, with so many sites popping up on the internet, it can be hard for people new to the world of sex toys to know who to trust, follow and value when it comes to reviews of products and support of specific brands. We want to be able to give our Seal of Approval, as a large and trusted retailer in the sex toy industry to those who we feel deserve our full backing for their continued efforts and high-quality work. That said, we feel this of Sex Toys Buzz and hope to underpin the hard work and quality that they have and will continue to produce.


We are pleased to be able to offer this prestigious title to our friends and colleagues at for their continued efforts and honest, reliable reviews and hope that in doing so that many more people too will see why we at back them 110 percent!

We pinned down Suzanne Parker, half of the partnership behind to answer some all-important questions for us:

How long has Sextoysbuzz been running for now and how did you first come about? was created in May 2008 because we were being asked to review sex toys on our blog site We never wanted to become a sex toy reviewing site because that’s more a place for our writing about our views on sex, sexuality and related issues.

By creating the Sex Toys Buzz site and brand we were able to accommodate the requests for reviews that we’d been getting without turning our very personal blog into something that it was never intended to be. Because Sex Toys Buzz is a very focused site it works well for our clients and gets a lot of organic traffic from Google because of its longevity and format.

At what point were you able to switch from the site being a hobby to a full-time job? Was it hard to make such a leap of faith?

It’s been a few years, to be honest I can’t remember exactly when that was. At first the sites weren’t self-supporting, more of a hobby with Alex and I paying for hosting and spending endless evenings designing the site, writing and reviewing. Eventually I was able to leave my day job which helped with pursuing sales leads and promoting the site on behalf of the advertisers. But as you say that was a big decision and one which we agonized over for months before it finally happened.

The first day I got up and instead of driving to work simply walked next door to the office and started making phone calls was a peculiar experience. It was exciting and dreadfully scary at the same time though I suppose that’s a healthy reaction when you are taking such a risk but are presented with all that opportunity.


What do you feel sets Sextoysbuzz aside from the rest of the adult product review sites on the internet?

Apart from the length of time the site has been running I think it’s our professionalism and skills which give us the ability to present ourselves to the other members of the adult industry with confidence.

Everyone knows that we can be trusted to do what’s asked of us, when we promise to do it. Not only that but we can undertake much more complex promotions than those offered by other sites because of the skills Alex and myself possess from our years in IT, training and 

customer service industries. We can integrate innovative promotional campaigns into our sites, social networks and even into the customer’s sites if they wish.

We are able to help customers make informed choices about promotional decisions even if they are new to the adult industry because our experience working for everything from local to multi-national businesses gives us a perspective on the needs of all kinds of clients working in UK and pan-global market places.

What (if any) changes will you be making to the site and/or your service in the future?

We are always making changes to our site but they are carried out in a considered way and always with an eye to how they will best serve our clients. Most of our time at the moment is being spent consolidating our position in search engine indexes. We are carefully crafting the way our site’s content appears to Google, Bing etc. to ensure the best exposure for our reviews and sponsors. Technically it’s a reasonably straight forward task if you understand SEO but the sheer number of reviews and pages on the site means we will be engaged in that task for a couple of months yet.

There is a secret project that will be announced soon but I can’t say much more than that just now.

One thing that you can always be sure of is that if we spot an opportunity to develop any part of our sites or services to the mutual benefit of our clients and ourselves we will do so.

What advice would you offer to those starting out in this field?

That’s a difficult one, if you’re expecting a magic formula. The only magic that works is old fashioned hard work and a lot of imagination in terms of your writing and what you offer to clients. Very much like any other endeavor in your life.

And like everything else in life there is no substitute for experience. That doesn’t just mean using a lot of sex toys it means understanding what they are made from, how they are constructed and how they are meant to be used. But more importantly it means knowing how they can be used when they don’t work because sometimes a toy that works for one person may not work for another and very often understanding that is a key skill.

Don’t get me wrong here there are a small number of awful toys out there that work well for nobody but most adult toys can give you pleasure if not a screaming orgasm – it’s my job as a sex toy tester with years of experience to tell you how!

What is it about that keeps you working so closely with us? has been with us since very early in the life of Their range of stock means they always have something interesting to send us for review and we’ve been lucky enough to not only carry their advertising but also promotional copy, competitions and have them sponsor the Sex Toys Buzz Newsletter giveaway.

Where can people expect to meet you in person this year? Will you be at any indus

try or public events at all?

We’ll be at the ETO Show in Birmingham as we are every year and in the Autumn we have to be at Erotica’s re-launch in London, we wouldn’t miss that for anything. As for other events we’ll have to see as 2013 is going to be a very busy year business wise so each event will have to have a compelling reason for us to attend.

For more information about the Seal Of Approval, click over to this post now.

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