Seal of Approval – celebrate their community

At we are very proud of our community and are always interested in what our members are up to outside of the Vibe Forum.

Many of our seasoned sex toys testers, reviewers and regular posters extend their interest, experience and skills to their own blogs, websites and vlogs. Some even making a full time business from it!

We are aware that reviewing toys for the masses on the internet is fast becoming popular, with a lot of people setting up their own dedicated pages or groups.

With this in mind, we would like to show our support for those who have given so much of their time and talent to us in the form of brand and product promotion, while also supporting their outstanding skills.

With so many sites popping up on the internet, it can be hard for people new to the world of sex toys to know who to trust, follow and value when it comes to reviews of products and support of specific brands. We want to give our seal of approval, as a large and trusted company in the sex toy industry to those who we feel deserve our full backing for their continued efforts and high-quality work.

This seal of approval can be added to your website or blog front page to let visitors know that you’re tried, trusted and 100% backed.

We will also run regular profiles on Seal of Approval stamped sites, showcasing the exemplar work of those who deserve it.


Note: To become a Seal of Approval accredited site is completely at the discretion of staff at and is not an award given lightly. A rigorous series of checks will be run before considering awarding a site.

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