July Seal of Approval – Incendiaire’s Reviews

Hot off the press and amongst the masses, we have found a fiery gem – Incendiaire’s Reviews.

A must-click blog for members of the online gay scene; this dedicated and loyal Vibe community member takes the sextoys.co.uk July seal of Approval!
Setting him apart from the increasing amount of monotonous sex toy reviews found online, Incendiaire’s Reviews are thorough, original and easy to read, topped with a good amount of tongue-in-cheek.

As one of the largest adult toy distributors in the UK, with a great big online community, we feel confident that we can deliver what’s hot right now. From great products, articles and conversation, to relative content on the world wide web! If you find our Seal of Approval stamp on a blog site, you’ll know that there are fans here at SexToys HQ.

After hitting Incendiaire with the heat, he gave us the glorious lowdown on his blog –

How long has your site been about?


I started my blog in February of 2012, so I’ve been going for almost a year and a half now.
How and why did you decide to get started?
I was inspired to start reviewing back when I joined the Vibe Forum in May 2011; I’d just bought my first ever dildo, and suddenly there was a place to share my experiences with it, so I decided to try writing a quick review. I bought a few more toys, reviewed them as well, and I enjoyed it, so it just sort of took off from there. 

At the time I’d never really considered blogging, but I noticed that there weren’t really any other guys out there talking about sex toys, so once I had a few reviews under my belt I thought I’d step out and join the blogging community, and maybe reach some more people with what I’d written.

What makes it all worth it?
It’s always nice to think that you might have helped someone out. I know when I first started buying toys there were a few ups and downs, and several things that I may have steered clear of had I known then what I know now, and also there were things I probably would have bought sooner if I’d had an idea how good they were going to be. Having the opportunity to use my experiences to the benefit of someone else is always a nice feeling.
The other thing that makes it worthwhile, or course, is times like these, when someone recognises your work; it always puts a smile on my face when I get an e-mail from someone saying how much they liked something I’ve written, especially if they work in the industry. 
Compared to other blogs, what do you think gives you the edge?
I like to think that my perspective is one of the strong points of my blog. If you’re a man buying a toy for yourself, or someone buying a toy for a male partner, then it helps to get that feedback from someone with the same anatomy. I also pride myself in including a lot of detail in my reviews, so if you want a specific fact about a product then you should be able to find it, and I try to combine unwavering honesty with a balanced outlook; I won’t sugarcoat the negatives, but I’m conscious of times when things which didn’t work for me might still suit someone in a different circumstance or with a different preference.
What can we expect to see from you in future?
For the time being I think it’s just going to be business as usual, searching for interesting new products to test out, but hopefully at some point I’ll be able to find someone to rope in to help me review some couples toys, as that’s one area where my blog is a little light at present.


Incendiaire’s Reviews

For more Sex Toys approved blogs, watch this space next month!

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