Valentine’s secret admirer

Like most folk, I’ve had some good Valentine’s Days and some I’d rather not remember. Some were by the book – a dozen red roses, heart-shaped box of chocolates, champagne, etc. Some were more thoughtful and romantic – being cooked a special meal, special sexual treats and more.

However, the most memorable and unique Valentine’s Day was when I received an anonymous, handmade card from a secret admirer. I woke up Valentine’s Day morning, single, and expecting nothing but a few drinks and a film with a friend later that evening. I was completely surprised to find a hand-delivered envelope in my mailbox and inside was a beautiful, handmade card. It was a little suggestive and saucy too! I felt so special! I loved it! I never did find out exactly who sent it, but I had my suspicions. That was more than 25 years ago and I still feel great when I think of it.

Is there someone you’ve got your eye on? Maybe you’ve got a secret crush? Or maybe you know someone who could just do with a little romantic pick-me-up. Why not make their day and send them an anonymous Valentine’s Day pressy? You don’t need to make a card if crafts isn’t your thing.  Why not include something romantic in it like some sensual massage oil, a tantric feather tickler or this gorgeous leather paddle with hearts?

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to take advantage of the Secret Wishlist Shopping offered by You can choose gorgeous and sexy treats you’d love to receive and add  them to your wishlist by simply clicking on the yellow star on your chosen products page.

Wishlist Shopping is fast, simple and completely confidential.  If someone chooses to treat you from your wishlist they simply click on BUY to purchase and the item is automatically sent to your address without the purchaser learning any of your confidential details.

Not got a wishlist yet? Get started today – make a Wishlist! You can then email it to your friends, or copy your personalised link to your Twitter, Facebook…. wherever you wish. Who knows where your secret admirer(s) will be hiding!

It’ll feel great to send and even better to receive. Then it’s up to you whether or not you reveal yourself…

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