Unisex sex toys are the best thing since sliced unisex bread

Unisex sex toys are awesome, particularly if you’re in a couple where you can use them to their full extent. Let’s explore what makes these things so fun, and why – no matter what your gender – you should grab one for yourself.

Last week I had the pleasure of trying out the brand new Doxy Skittle. If you’re not keeping up with the latest developments in sex tech (and why would you? I’m sure some of you have work to do) then you may have missed the excited whispers about its launch. Essentially the Doxy Skittle is a super-powerful vibrating toy designed for multiple uses. And by ‘multiple uses’ it means that anyone can buy and enjoy one: male or female.


The toy itself looks a bit like something you’d find at the end of a bowling alley (hence the name Skittle), but smaller so you can more easily accommodate it. The bulb on the end vibrates, with the powerful, rumbly oscillations that people who are familiar with the Doxy massager will already know and love. Here’s where the similarity ends, though, because while the Doxy massager is aimed primarily at clitoral use, the Doxy Skittle can be used for many different things, including:

  • clitoral stimulation
  • vaginal penetration
  • anal penetration
  • prostate stimulation

If you’re wondering why I separated out the last two, it’s because personally I enjoy a bit of anal penetration even though I don’t have a prostate. Not all of us are lucky enough to experience the kind of orgasms you can get when you hit the p-spot, but we can have butt fun nonetheless.

What’s so great about unisex sex toys?

The simple answer for me is: a whole new world of imagination. With unisex toys, you can have the kind of sex that I like the best: where you switch things around a lot, play with things equally, and let your dirty mind wander to all the unique and interesting things you can do with whatever you have to hand. The longer answer is that unisex toys allow you to experience the same thing (or as close as possible to it). One of the reasons I love anal toysbutt plugs and dildos and that kind of thing – is that I can use them on my partner and he can use them on me, and we can both get a feel for what’s good. I doubt I’d be as good at eyeing up butt-plug sizes if it weren’t for the fact that I know they’ll probably be used on me first!

The most important thing, though, is that not all couples are straight and not all people are cisgendered. What’s more not everyone responds well to the same kind of stimulation and vibration. While a traditional rabbit toy might be the best thing for one woman, it may do nothing for the next. Same’s true of male sex toys. But with a unisex toy, they’re designed to be more flexible – there’s no ‘right’ way to use them, only lots of different possibilities to explore depending on what genitals you have and what feels good.

There are such things as couples sex toys, that are designed for use together – vibrating cock rings and vibrating butt plugs being my personal favourites. But the beauty of the Doxy Skittle, and other unisex toys, is that they can be used together, alone, or any which way. They’re like the Swiss army knife of sex toys only, you know, not spiky because that would be terrifying.

Other unisex sex toys

It’d be misleading if I said that the Doxy Skittle is the first unisex sex toy – there are plenty available already. The main difference with the Skittle, though, is that it’s one of the first to market itself as unisex – not try to restrict purely on gender. And I think that’s an awesome step forward. However, if you’re not quite ready to grab a Skittle yet, you might want to try with one of these things first – the following is a quick list of some of the things in my bedroom drawer that have been used (or could be used) on both me and my partner:

As you can see, they fall into two main categories: things you can use for bondage (these are easy – anyone can be tied up or do the tying) and anal toys (again, easy: we all have bums). I’m looking forward to a future where hopefully more toys will come onto the market that can be used to vibrate, massage, stimulate and generally arouse whichever part of your body most needs it at the time.

Fancy grabbing one? You can pick up the Doxy Skittle for £79.95.

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