Turn a chore into a pleasure…

Whether it’s the washing up, doing the laundry or cleaning the bathroom, household chores can get tedious and boring pretty quick. There just isn’t anything naturally sexy about doing the ironing or cleaning the oven. Here’s a fun way to spice up mundane tasks and turn them into juicy pleasures. Get yourself and your lover a remote control vibrating egg. They can be used internally or externally, so you can insert them somewhere exciting on your body or place them strategically in your knickers, bra or even a pocket. Then hand the remote control over to your partner with a saucy wink. Immediately your everyday housework becomes an erotic experience! Make sure to take turns so that both of you get to have fun ‘buzzing’ around doing your chores!

If you enjoy that then why not take it up a notch? Try a vibrating thong. Each thong comes with a special pocket to hold the vibrating egg in place and a discreet remote control. Suddenly Sunday treks through DIY shops become more interesting! Pushing the trolley through the supermarket becomes a saucy, sensual experience. What about using them at a business function or dinner party you’d rather not go to. Hand your partner the remote and you can start your sexy play long before you get home!

If you’re feeling really adventurous, try this vibrating, remote controlled butt plug. Hand the control over if you dare and head out to the pub, a meeting or tea with the family. See how long you can leave it in before grabbing your partner and finding a secluded spot for some hot loving!


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