The Tantalizing Treasure Box

Do you ever run out of inspiration for something new to try with your lover? Are there just some times where your imagination has run dry and you’re not sure how to spice things up? Creating a Tantalizing Treasure Box could be just the thing you’re looking for.


Start by deciding what kind of container you want to use. It could be a basket, a cardboard or plastic box, or something else.  Once you figure out what your box will be, it’s time to put some treasure in it! You might already have a few favourite sex toys or sexy lingerie to put in. Then over time you can add more things as you find them. You might find some saucy items you like on sale one day and pop them in the box for another time. You could put in something to be a suggestion or surprise for your partner when they next look in. How about massage oils, vouchers for a naughty evening, sexy games or a new toy you’d like to try? You could even put in ideas for a hot role-play along with the costumes you’d like to wear. The next time you’re short of ideas, open up your box and see what’s waiting for you!


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