Temperature play provides hot passion and thrilling chills

Temperature play is a fantastic way to introduce some new sensations in the bedroom that will be welcome year round!

Try heat between the sheets in colder winter months and cool down with some refreshing chills on balmy summer evenings.

But how can you experience these sensations and what do we suggest you use?


For some raunchy hot passion, try some waxplay candles. Made from a special low temperature burning, 100% body safe wax (different to every day or table candles), these candles can be lit then dripped or drizzled over your partner’s body for some breathtaking adventures.

Combine with sensory deprivation such as a blindfold, and some bondage to keep your intended and willing target firmly where you want them.


Massage candles are a softer, more romantic way to share some hot wax intimacy. Designed to melt to a velvety smooth massage lotion, simply light the candle then drizzle the melted oil over your partner and indulge them in an extensive deep massage as part of foreplay. The scents created from the candles are conducive to hot loving, creating a harmonious atmosphere that is sure to serve as the perfect aphrodisiac. Try the Jimmyjane or LELO Massage Candles for pure, unadulterated luxury.






Feeling hot, hot, hot? Cool things down with thrills and chills. Ice cubes are brilliant for those on a budget – but make sure you run them under a tap first to avoid any skin lesions!

Much safer and even more fun is the Touché Ice Vibrating Bullet Vibrator, available in either Pink or Blue. This innovative device can be filled with water and frozen to create an ice-cold buzzy playtime companion, perfect for solo quests or icy escapades with a partner. Why not team with the Touché Freezable Ice Lubricant, in a choice of flavours, for a tongue tingling tasty treat too?


Best of Both


Glass dildos and vibrators offer you the chance to invest in the best of both worlds. Amazingly versatile, warm them up in warm (not hot or boiling) water, or cool them down in cold water or the refrigerator then enjoy the smooth or textured surfaces. The Icicles range has a wealth of shapes and pleasure possibilities, as well as two waterproof glass vibrators that add some addictive motion to the mix. Essentials in any true sex toy connoisseur’s collection!

The addition of heat or cold to your sex life is sure to keep it exciting and interesting. Why not explore the world of temperature play either alone or with a partner and see which you prefer?

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