Take sex out of the bedroom

Is your sex life feeling a bit stale or stuck? A contributing factor could be having sex in the same place all the time. Many people report that their bedroom just doesn’t feel sexy or that they are bored of always having sex in bed. Fortunately that is easily remedied, even if you have to be a bit creative.

If being disturbed isn’t a problem for you, try having sex in every room in the house. That way you mix things up a bit and get to see which other rooms you might prefer. If that just isn’t possible for you try having sex in the bathroom with the door locked or on the kitchen table when the kids are out. What about out in the shed or garage? Maybe you could take your partner to your office for a clandestine evening of fun? If you’re feeling really adventurous why not grab the lubricant and condoms and head out to a local woods, nightclub or hotel?

If those suggestions don’t float your boat then spruce up your bedroom or find ways to change the scenery once in a while. Just like you might role-play with different costumes, let your bedroom change looks from time to time. Just a few beautiful cloths and some candles could transform your bedroom into an exotic temple. Use your imagination and it’s likely that you can think of new places for sexy adventures or temporarily convert your bedroom to match your fantasies!


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