Soundtracking your sex life…

You know how you might choose an outfit to suit your particular mood? Well, how about using music to set the mood for your next sexual adventure? Soundtracking your sex life can help set the tone, rhythm and intensity of your love scene. Soft, gentle music can be used to open your hearts, relax your bodies and get in tune with each other. If you want to create a tender lovemaking situation, try some classical music or something sweet that you both like. . If you fancy something a bit more hip grinding, try a few of your favourite dance tunes. Does your inner Dom/me want to come out to play? Give them something a bit heavier with a pounding baseline. Your flogging, caning or spanking will fly to new levels by adding the right music. It will instantly give you a rhythmic pattern to follow and help you and your sub/bottom to dance the fusion of pleasure and pain long into the night!


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