Shhhh! Bathtime orgasms

Girls-Have you had an orgasm in the bath? Whether the answer is yes or no, try this out:

Make sure the bathroom is a warm temperature that suits you. If you want to go all out and put candles and some aromatherapy oils in the bath then go for it. It all adds to the experience. Ylang ylang is great for sensuality and is a natural aphrodisiac.

If you have a window in the bathroom open it just a bit so you can feel the contrast of the cool air with the heat from the bath water on your skin.  Before you jump in the bath you may also want to get a jug or cup.

Fill the bath so when you are lying down it is level with your clitoris. Have your favourite waterproof toy to hand. My favourite bath time toys at the moment are the Jimmy Jane Form 2, the travel I rub my Duckie Paris and the waterproof clitoral hummer, the Bathtime Buddies range is also perfect for this type of fun.

Use the jug to fill with either hot or cold water (which ever you prefer) and slowly drizzle it down your chest, around your nipples and around your neck while you’re playing. If you don’t mind getting your hair wet, trickling the water over your head also feels incredible.

Having the bath half full may feel different at first but the power of the toy splashing against the water and your clitoris is a wonderful experience.

Top it all off by giving your body an all over moisturise once your done.

Enjoy ladies

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