Sex for medicinal purposes

Are you feeling the winter blues? Have the cold, dark nights got you down? Is your energy flagging? Well, here’s something that will pick you right up, warm your cockles, invigorate you and make you feel fantastic…

Sex! Yes, that’s right, sex! You can do it on your own, with a partner or with lots of partners! Sex for medicinal purposes is fabulous! Getting your erotic juices flowing doesn’t just feel great, but is really good for you too. The extra blood flow around your body will warm you up and help you to relax. All sorts of ‘feel good’ chemicals get released when you are sexually active too. Chemicals such as endorphins, oxytocin and sometimes, adrenalin kick in and make you feel really present, loved up, connected and chillaxed. Who needs a hot toddy when you’re body will create an even better tonic for you out of your own natural substances?

So if you want to beat the winter blues, grab your favourite toy or your favourite intimate partner and get your sexy on! Sex really is the best medicine ever!

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