Setting the Scene

Our environment can have a big impact on how we feel sexually. Piles of laundry, paperwork, washing up etc can be a real libido killer. One way to combat this is to create a sacred space just for sex. If you have a separate room or space to use that’s great. If not, you can create this sacred space wherever you want. You could use beautiful materials, blankets or cloths spread over the bed or on the floor to create the main part of the space and then decorate it according to your needs at that time. If you’re creating a romantic vibe, use soft colours, cushions and feathers to decorate. Bring in some flowers and light some candles. If you want to create something more seductive or juicy, use deeper richer colours such as reds and golds. Get out the handcuffs, saucy outfits and bondage tape. If you’re into role-play, with just a few props you could set the scene like a dungeon, police station or whatever it is that takes your fancy. Take some time to set the scene and allow it to inspire your sexy adventures.


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