Seductive shampooing

Want to give your partner a relaxing yet stimulating treat? Offer them a sensual shampooing complete with scalp and neck massage!

Set the mood with low lights or candles in the bathroom, draw them a hot bath with some erotic bath salts and invite them to sink down into it. Slowly and lovingly stroke their body under the water to help them to relax. Ask your partner to lie back and just gently stroke their forehead, and then up and over the head down to the neck, brushing all their worries away.

Help them to tilt their head back by holding the base of their neck and pour warm water over their hair a few times. When you’re ready, apply the shampoo and really take your time to massage their scalp. Use your fingers to make circular movements and make sure to cover their whole scalp, around the temples and right down to their neck and shoulders. Make some of your movements gentle and some a bit more stimulating.

Wake up those tiny nerve endings in the scalp and arouse the sexual hormones in the brain! Try lightly using your knuckles, gentle hair tugging, a brush or comb and lots of long soft strokes too.

When you’re finished, gently rinse the suds away and invite them to climb out of the bath into a warm waiting towel.


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