Role play with a twist

If you’re a fan of role-play but find yourself stuck in a rut for new ideas, why not add an interesting twist to the usual proceedings?

Recently my partner and I were playing out a sort of ‘Red Riding Hood meets the Big Bad Wolf’ scenario. This particular time I was the Red Riding Hood character and he was the Big Bad Wolf. Just as things were heating up, I suddenly felt like swapping the energy around. We took a brief break to discuss how we might play that out and then off we went again. This time, instead of the Big Bad Wolf overpowering Red Riding Hood, she got her inner Domme on, overpowered him, tied him up and had her wicked way with him. What really worked for both of us at that time is that he never really went into a sub role, he maintained his ‘wolfy’ nature. It was very, very hot!!

Another twist to that particular role-play is that sometimes, he is Red Riding Hood and I’m the Big Bad Wolf!

So if you’re bored of your usual role-play scenes, just turn them around. Swap roles or change the energy of the character. You’ll be surprised just how powerful, juicy and fun it can be.


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