Role-play date

Want to know a sure fire way to create some heat between you and your partner?

Send him or her an invitation to a night out – but with a twist. Tell them to either pretend that you’ve never met, or to adopt a particular role-play character (sexy sailor or naughty priest, etc). Arrange to meet them at a local pub, bar or other public place. Don’t rush over to them when they arrive. Take some time to just flirt with your eyes and if appropriate, have the bartender send them a drink on your behalf. Use your role-play name.  When you’re ready, either send them a text telling them to meet you somewhere else where you can carry on with the role-play or sidle over to them and start up a conversation. Stay in your role. After a chat you can decide whether to invite them for dinner, a romantic stroll or a quick dash home for some hot loving!

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