Pre-planned playlists for plenty of pleasure…

There’s nothing like setting the mood with music when you’re getting romantic or seducing your lover. Sometimes we’re in the mood for something soft and sweet and other times something hard and pounding (pun intended!). Sometimes we want the music to help us build energy up slowly and rise into a fabulous crescendo of high energy. Sometimes we might want to dance romantically into the early hours before leading our lovers to the bedroom.

Rather than fumbling around for just the right music at the important moments, plan ahead and make some playlists for all occasions. You could have these on your computer, mp3 player or even a cd. You could do this on your own to surprise your partner or have fun doing it together. Make some lists of music you like, particularly that puts you in a sexy mood. Figure out how many different lists you want to make and create fun titles for each one. How about, ‘Sweet seductions’, ‘Kinky kisses’ or ‘Hard rocking romance’. Ok, those might be way too cheesy for you, but you get the idea. Then the next time you’re in the mood for love, romance or something hot and saucy, you’ll have just the right playlist to back you up.

If you’re up for sharing your sexy playlists with others, to help give them some creative ideas, send your playlists to me at and I’ll publish them here. Have fun!


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