Off to a Flying Start – 5 Tips to Get Through Airport Security with Sex Toys

Summer is here, the temperature has already been in the high 20s prompting the UK to strip naked and head to the beach. As usual, even the word “heatwave” was uttered, sending Mediterranean people living or holidaying here into a laughing fit at our measly 27 degrees.

The English Summer is not known for reliability or longevity, though, so a large portion of Britain’s population is jetting off to perpetually sunny and sizzling countries in July and August to seek some hot summer lovin’. If you are among the lucky ones who are flying off to some far off exotic place this summer, you will want to read on!

The benefits of taking sex toys with you for your vacation are many… Want to keep the bounce in your step and re-energise throughout your holiday with some self-pleasure? Planning to share long passionate nights of lovemaking with your partner? Perhaps you are considering having your first sexual experience outdoors? This two-part guide will prep you up with all the best advice – how to pack sex toys for air travel, the best products to take with you abroad and the best toys to spice things up when out and about.

Suit(case) Yourself

Airport security is always stressful – the lines are long, you have to take off your belt, your shoes, and you still might get tapped down by personnel in rubber gloves (of course, that might float your boat…!). Getting the all-clear for your bags is downright nerve-wracking, however, if you are hoping to discreetly cross over with a vibrator or a bottle of lube stashed away in your suitcase.

1. Don’t Buzz Early

Whether you are planning to pack your sex toy in your checked-in or your carry-on luggage, you should always make sure to remove the batteries from your vibrating toys, or engage any kind of lock-mechanism the toy might have. This should prevent random activations, and with it, awkward scenes of the vibrating suitcase syndrome.


2. Small and Steady Wins the Race

Of course, selecting a discreet toy as a travel companion is half the battle – you will have a lot harder time trying to hide a 10-inch realistic dong than a small, inconspicuous vibrator or male masturbator. Pick up the Loving Joy Power Bullet vibrator – it is pocket-sized and shaped for maximum discretion. No security officer will raise an eyebrow at this little, but super powerful bullet, but they might ask where you got it!

3. Little Strokes Fell Great Oaks

For men, Tenga Eggs are the ultimate portable male masturbators – they are innocent in appearance, small enough to pack more than one in your suitcase and they come with a myriad of different textures for you to choose from. Why not get the 6-pack and try a new one every day of your holiday?

4. Mile High Lube

You should never forget lubrication – whether you are taking toys or just planning to indulge in your partner’s bits – but with strict air travel regulations and a limit on the amount of liquids you can take on board, you might find it hard to prioritise lube over sunscreen. Thankfully, there are now lubricants available in travel-friendly sizes, just check out the Sliquid range of 59ml lubricants that cover all the basics – water-based, hybrid, anal, silicone, moisturiser and sea carrageenan infused, you can’t go wrong with any of them and they are all totally natural, vegan, hypoallergenic and pH balanced too!

5. Pride and Joy

And lastly, just remember, there’s nothing wrong or shameful about owning, using, enjoying sex toys, so if your intimate items are uncovered at security, just hold your head high and proud, it’s the 21st century after all, everyone deserves pleasure!

Stayed tuned for the second part that will tell you all about the best sex toys to use when on holiday.

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