Maintaining The Lady Garden

Girls, this may sound strange but getting your bikini line trimmed, waxed or shaped can really transform your sex lives!

The different feel can give you so much more confidence and actually make you feel sexier, whether you have a partner or not. Putting on a nice thong or sexy pair of knickers when your bikini line is in shape just feels ten times better than when it’s not.

In fact when we let any of our body hair grow out of control, it’s normally when we have that ‘winter-y, let’s throw on old jeans and a jumper’ type of attitude.  So trimming up can actually trick you into feeling more glam!

Men absolutely love it when a woman is nicely groomed down below. Although some men will say they don’t care, I can pretty much guarantee that they prefer a pretty lady garden to an overgrown bush.

So whether you shave or wax, try to make an effort down below and see how it changes your mood and confidence.

You could also try dying your pubic hair as a sexy and fun treat for yourself or your partner. The Betty Colour Kit is a safe non-drip formula from America that works brilliantly and comes in lots of different colours.

You could also use the Betty Charmcil Shapes which are stencils so you can remove the hair around and make a fun or sexy shape!

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