It’s the little things

In today’s busy world, it’s easy to get caught up with life, work, the kids, the endless shopping, cooking and cleaning and forget about the little things that add a bit of romance and make life sweet.  When we feel loved up and cared for, we are more relaxed, open and up for the possibility of some saucy action in the bedroom. You don’t need to make grand gestures or spend loads of money to be romantic. Just be thoughtful and genuine. Here are a few ideas to get you going:

Send you partner a love letter (not an email!) –  a real, handwritten, send-through-the-post letter, telling them how much you love them.

Find a fabulous photo of the two of you together and either have it framed or slip it in your partner’s coat pocket for them to find later.

Leave a rose, box of chocolates or new sex toy out on your partner’s pillow as a surprise.

Give your partner a voucher for a back or foot massage that they can use whenever they like.

Bring your partner breakfast in bed.

Offer your partner a steaming hot bubble bath with candles and a glass of wine – you could either offer to look after the kids while they have a soak or if possible, climb in too!




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