Have your partner begging for more…

Here’s a simple yet seductive way to get your partner to beg you to touch them, fuck them, and generally ravish them. Treat them to some sensual and erotic touch, all over their body APART from their genitals. Imagine a wide circle around their genitals that includes their lower belly, hips and tops of their thighs and leave that part out – for now.

Kiss, stroke and fondle the rest of their body, awakening sexual energy and raising arousal. It will drive them crazy in all the best sorts of ways. You’ll have them wriggling and writhing with pleasure! Eventually, after a long time of warming them up, start moving in closer to their cock or pussy. Don’t rush, take it very, very, v e r y slowly. Tease and tantalize them with your hands, your lips or your tongue. You’ll have them turned on and begging for more in no time at all!


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